Using Pinterest for Decor Inspiration

vancouver real estate agentNowadays getting inspiration for your home decor need not involve buying decorating magazines or even hiring a personal decorator.  Those these options remain available, the use of sites like Pinterest can give you more options and ideas a good deal faster.

The Pinterest site has in fact been the fastest growing social media site ever.  Launched back in a testing mode in March 2010 it now has seen over 104 million visits.

Coming in third behind Facebook and Twitter, the site is a marvel when it comes to decorating ideas.  Just type in whatever you are looking for a and a host of different images and how-to guides will be at your fingertips.

The site is easy to use, though people do require invitations to join.  But now instead of having to bookmark various sites and keep them all organized you can have all your different inspirations and ideas in one place.

Many people now utilize this site as a means of keeping track of different ideas for renovating, decorating or for do-it-yourself projects.  Even for those hoping to use an interior designer for their homes can still benefit enormously from using this site.

By pinning all your different design ideas and likes in one place you can use this to show your professional designer what you like and what you see as your personal style.  The interior designer can then help you narrow it down, edit your ideas and really put them into place.

Though it may seem like an investment in time, it is free and it can be a lifesaver when your strapped for ideas.  Taking even a quick look can have you off and running on your new home improvement or decorating project.

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