Vancouver – A Great Place To Live

Vancouver-Real-Estate-MarketVancouver has consistently been rated one of the most amazing and dynamic cities in the world to live in.  Vancouver offers something for everyone, old and young.

To begin with, the natural splendour and beauty of Vancouver draws crowds of visitors and tourists every year.  The mountain views, the beaches and the nearby ski resorts, mean that one can experience all the amenities of a big city while still being only a short trip away from any natural vista.

People who live in Vancouver are passionate about living an active lifestyle – Outdoor Empire has named it the most active city of 2012. The myriad of activities Vancouver has to offer reflects that. It is a terrific residence for those who love to ski, hike, practice yoga, play beach volleyball or cycle.

For those yoga practitioners, you couldn’t find a more inspired yoga community than what is available in Vancouver.  Vancouver’s yoga culture is probably unsurpassed in North America and with every variety of practice imaginable, every yogi is guaranteed to find a centre to call home.

Vancouver also has many bike lanes and continues to institute more every year, making it a forward-thinking city for commuters.  For those who can’t stand sitting in the car in traffic, Vancouver offers great transit alternatives and furniture and more from for your home.

Part of Vancouver’s draw is also the commitment of city officials to keeping the city green.  The above mentioned bike lanes are just one aspect of the city’s green initiatives.  Buildings, real estate developments and other large scale transit projects that seek to maximize energy efficiency and to decrease the environmental footprint are continuously propping up across the city.

Vancouver’s unique and diverse neighbourhoods are likewise a prominent draw for those seeking to reside in the city.  Whether you’re interested in the swankier areas or something a bit more urban, Vancouver offers something for everyone.

Vancouver real estate is a win-win investment.  For those seeking to buy a Vancouver home or condo, the choices are really endless.  For those hoping to buy an investment property you can be sure that the city will continue to grow and that your money will too. You can invest in any part of the city but if you lean towards the mountain landscape make sure you contact mountain home architects to help guide you with your new property investment.

Each of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods has something unique and enticing to offer.  The city is truly one of the best places in the world to live.

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