Vancouver Cyclist Infrastructure Improvements

vancouver-realtorsRecently you may have noticed green bike lanes in the city.  These newly painted lanes are being implemented in order to help differentiate between bike lanes and those for cars.

Some of the downtown bike lanes, such as those along the Central Valley Greenway have been newly painted and paved.  This is said to help visually separate the lanes thereby encouraging more lane discipline amongst drivers and cyclists.

This green paint is becoming a standard colour across the world as a means of signalling bike lanes.  It is especially useful in high traffic areas where motorists and cyclists are abundant.

Of course not all the lanes are yet green in the city of Vancouver.  The problem of funding is at issue and it will thus take some time to paint all the lanes green.  In some of the newly painted ones however, sand has been added as a means of decreasing slipperiness which is a nice addition.

Green bike boxes are also coming into play, but as of yet there has been little discussion on just how to use these.  Apparently, these boxes are designed to allow cyclists to put themselves ahead of the cars at stoplights.

When the light turns red the cyclists are supposed to take the lane by moving ahead into the green box until the light turns green.  This is designed to make cyclists more visible to motorists in hopes of avoiding accidents.

As of yet though not everyone understands just what these bike boxes are for or how they work.  More education is needed, say cyclists and officials.

Many accidents occur when motorists are turning right on a red light or green light but have failed to shoulder check in order to make sure there are no cyclists beside them.  This is why these green boxes have been created.

With a bit more time and education it is hoped that these new improvements will decrease the incidence of accidents on the busy areas of the city.  For many, these features are helping to create a greener city overall.

The city is trying to upgrade the roads for cyclists and this is good news for those seeking to decrease their footprint by biking to work.  It is also another reason why Vancouver is one of the most desirable places to live and why Kitsilano real estate is so highly sought after by both domestic and foreign investors.

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