Vancouver Housing Prices

Vancouver Housing PricesThough Vancouver is known to be one of the best places in the world to live, the housing costs can be a deterrent for many.  However, it is worth remembering when bemoaning the price of a Vancouver home or Vancouver condo, that in comparison to some other places around the world the costs are actually much less.

For instance, in the London finding an affordable place can be a nightmare.  Even for those well-to-do seekers, a suitable home is a difficult thing to find.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Diana Carney the wife of Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada who is now set to take over at the Bank of England, recently tweeted about her difficulties trying to find a suitable house for rent in London.  Though the newspaper found it slightly comical that the £4,800 weekly housing allowance should cause such consternation, the reality of the London market might surprise many a Canadians.

Though this generous allowance, equivalent to about $7,000 a week in Canadian money seems hardly anything to scoff at, that amount it is said may only get you a two bedroom flat in the Mayfair area.

For the Carney’s household of six, something perhaps more suitable would actually cost a good deal more.  For example, a four-bedroom home in the St John’s Wood actually goes for a whopping £19,500 a month.

By most standards $30,000 for a month’s rent is pretty astonishing.  While most of those seeking to rent in capital city are struggling a lot more to find something affordable, the fact remains that the London market is anything but easy even for those with means. So they opt for affordable real estate solutions like a townhome rental.

In comparison Vancouver real estate looks positively affordable.  Of course, compared to most other places in Canada and elsewhere, it does still cost a pretty penny.

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