Vancouver International Children’s Festival

vancouver eventsVancouver International Children’s Festival starts today, May 29th and runs until June 3rd.  The festival is a much loved Vancouver tradition offering fun for kids of all ages.

The Vancouver Island Children’s Festival has moved to Granville Island after spending 33 years at Vanier Park.  Come and check out the festival situated near the amazing Kitsilano real estate district.

This world renowned festival will feature many amazing events this year including a performance by singer and percussionist Elage Diouf.  Elage has toured with Cirque du Soleil and has received many accolades for his performances.  Elage will be performing Friday June 1st. 

Under the Stars, another star attraction will feature the story of Hansel and Gretel while the Italian show The Little Elephant draws inspiration from Rudyard Kipling’s work.

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There will also be three zones of activities for kids including a ‘celebration zone’, a ‘exploration zone’ and an ‘imagination zone’.  These zones will include various activities such as puppet making, lantern design, Claymation, paper house making, face painting and more.

Tickets are available on site and include a Family Pack deal where you buy any four regular priced tickets (usually sold for $18.00) for only $64.00.  Add up to two more for a mere $16.00 dollars each.

A group rate can also be received when you buy ten or more tickets for any one show.

Weeknight performances after 6:30 pm cost only $15.00.  These include L’elefantino, Under the Stars and Pete the Cat.

Bring the whole family and come and experience this amazingly rich sensory event.  Kids of all ages are welcome, though some age recommendations apply to each event.

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