Vancouver’s Bike Traffic Increasing

Homes for Sale KitsilanoFigures recently released by Vancouver Translink have shown that between 2008 and 2011 the city saw a 26% increase in travel by bike.  These numbers, reported in Translink’s 2013 Base Plan report showed that this increase came alongside only a 6 % increase in population and 4% increase in vehicle travel.

This is great news.  And while the statistics haven’t been broken up by regions, another report showed that in Kitsilano itself, 12% of all trips were by bicycle.  These numbers are taken from data gathered for 2006 and so the figure is probably higher now.

Unfortunately for those living in the beautiful Kitsilano area, the infrastructure for cyclists has lagged behind.  Though there have been additional bike lanes laid downtown (Hornby St., the Burrard Bridge, and Dunsmuir St.) experts agree more Kitsilano infrastructure is needed.

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According to a UBC study, the kind of bike routes that the city has been focusing on putting in are actually more dangerous than ordinary residential roads or designated bike routes that don’t have particular cycling infrastructure.

Additions to slow down traffic including speed bumps, curb-bulges and traffic-circles, have actually increased danger to cyclists.  Many other features have reportedly added to the difficulties for cyclists.  The designated bike routes can be very slick when wet and icy, they are poorly lit, and vehicles drive too fast along them.

The city will be facing quite a challenge over the next several years in attempts to accommodate cyclists, motorists and citizens of various neighbourhoods.  Nevertheless the fact remains that more and better bike routes are needed in order to accommodate the cycling traffic that is already here.

Kitsilano is one of the best places on earth to live and keeping it cyclist friendly is a good idea.  For many people looking for Kitsilano real estate and Kitsilano homes for sale, these features are part of what draw them to the area.

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