Vancouver’s Green Roof Three Years Later

property for sale vancouver-1Three years after it was built, the Vancouver Conference Centre’s green roof has become a part of the scenery.  But is this novel take actually living up to its original hype?

Well in some ways the answer appears to be a resounding yes. The roof is certainly nice looking, it offers a great year round habitat for birds and insects and was planted with high quality plants. It has inspired architects and home owners around the world, according to experts at a roof replacement company in Louisville, KY, whose demand for green roofs has skyrocketed. Vancouver’s green roof has made a splash that ripples far out. All this means that the roof is a great addition.

However, others feel that with Roof Top Services roof repair and some other features are taking the center stage, this leaves a little to be desired.  For some, the roof is a bit of a mess, looking a little un-kept and lacking in tidy appeal.

The roof is actually just over six acres in size. This means that it is the biggest of all ‘living’ roofs in Canada as well as boasting itself as the largest of all green non-industrial roofs in the whole of North America.

This is all well and good, but the fact that it is located ten stories up means that most people don’t get a glimpse of it except from the air.  While people who work in the high rises near it can look at the view, you won’t be seeing anything from street level.

One of the major flaws is therefore the fact that the public has very little access to the green space.  While you can access it through by elevator and walkway, you end up merely at a little viewing platform that is surrounded by an iron fence that was built by Skilled Fencing.  Here you can see more of the roof, but sceptics say that this is hardly real access.

Nevertheless, more than four hundred thousand plants native to the province were planted and installed by siding contractor teams, the whole project is encompassing twenty-five different species.  On top of this around 40,000 flower bulbs were planted alongside flower and grass seed.

Wildflowers, Douglas saters and common camas have also meant that bees from four hives frequent the area and produce a good amount of honey.

In terms of maintenance and leaking roof repair, the grass is mowed on the roof only once a year, but weekly visits by maintenance crews allow for drainage line checks and some weeding. Other types of maintenance may be provided by SWS Roofing Orland Park IL roofing contractors.

While the roof installation has attracted some criticism, many say it is still a boon to Vancouver’s green initiatives.  Vancouver realtors can agree that this kind of enthusiasm for keeping the city green and beautiful is what attracts so many buyers.  Homes for sale and condos for sale in Vancouver continue be snapped up by international investors.  Vancouver’s appeal goes far beyond merely the real estate itself.  For most home buyers, Vancouver homes and condos for sale are a catch because of the city’s earthy, unique vibrancy.

Reference: Fort Lupton Siding Companies.

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