Vanier Park Bald Eagle Family

real-estate-kitsilanoAbout five decades ago, back in the 1960s, only two pairs of nesting bald eagles graced the city of Vancouver.  Today there are apparently as many as 18 or more.

Two of these bald eagles have made their temporary home in Vanier Park.  The park located near the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station, is now the proud home of a family of four.

Many Kitsilano residents have seen these eagles.  Much of the time at least one of the bald eagles is nesting up on its perch.  Most recently however, these two eagles have increased to four.

The two eagles now have two offspring to care for.  According to experts, these eagles typically lay two eggs each year.  This occurs in March and April.

The fledglings, are fed and cared for by their parents until the age of twelve weeks.  A this point they leave the nest now being strong enough to fly.

Kitsilano residents will have only a few more weeks to wait until these fledglings take flight.  Soon after they will relocate to the rivers and food sources nearby.

The bald eagles in the park were first spotted back in 2005.  As most eagles tend to return to their same territory annually, these bald eagles should be back next December or shortly thereafter.

The bald eagle family is simply another addition to the natural beauty of the Kitsilano area.  Like many would be homeowners, these majestic birds realize how special the neighbourhood really is.

Kitsilano real estate is one of the most sought after investments because of both the area’s strong natural appeal and its vibrant community feel.

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