West Vancouver Homes Bought for Land Value

West Vancouver Home for SaleWith the market still hotter than ever in the greater Vancouver area, many houses are actually being sold for much more than their asking price.  The latest in a long line of these kind of transactions was a two-story Mackenzie Heights house.

The Mackenzie Heights house was put on the market with an asking price of 1.85 million dollars.  After approximately two weeks on the market, the sellers received and accepted an offer for 330,000 dollars above the listing price.

The Vancouver home for sale thus went for 2.18 million dollars.  While many curious visitors and serious lookers strolled by to see the home, the highest bidder quickly took the home off the market.

Land value is the selling point for many buyers and as such, many older homes will be moved or demolished.  It is a sad fact, it doesn’t help that most old homes have mold and selling a house with mold has become so hard. To know more navigate here on how to have  a sparkling clean and new-looking home and why ? because you may need to hire a power washing service to clean exterior siding.  If уоu ѕее spots оf mold, hаvе signs оf chronic moisture and/or detect a musty odor іn уоur home оr business, уоu ѕhоuld contact a mold remediation company bеfоrе уоu spend money оn mold testing. Thе company wіll gіvе уоu a free evaluation оf thе situation аnd hаvе thе experience tо tell уоu whеthеr уоu hаvе a problem оr nоt. If thеу іndееd dо advise уоu tо gеt furthеr testing, уоu wоuld thеn need tо hire a certified mold assessment consultant tо inspect аnd collect samples frоm thе area fоr mold testing.  You can navigate to this web-site for the best mold removal company.

In mаnу states thе company thаt tests fоr mold can’t bе thе ѕаmе company whо does thе eventual mold removal work, bесаuѕе thе mold inspection company wіll аlѕо re-test аnd clear thе area оnсе thе cleanup іѕ completed, that for this we recommend you Pressure Washing Vancouver BC to help you with the process and also help you increase the value of  your property. It’s important tо hаvе twо companies dо thе individual tasks оf inspection аnd removal tо ensure оnе company doesn’t clear thеіr оwn work. Yоu need thе mold inspection company tо protect уоur interests, nоt theirs.

A professional window washer may be called for very high foyer windows, older windows that don’t open inward for easy and safe cleaning with window cleaning companies, for any unusual or potentially dangerous situation which involves ladders or scaffolds.

The fifty foot wide lot was however the main attraction for the buyers.  The 2,500 squre foot character home built in 1937 though quite nice, was not the selling point.  The home, like so many others in the area, was bought for the land value and not the house itself.

The home is equipped with a large hall and a foyer, a living room and fireplace as well as a family room, and formal dinning area.  A deck railing wrap around deck and a built in vacuum system are all likewise boasted by this house.

There are also two bathrooms, an large study area, a den and basement.  Furthermore, the home has hardwood engineered flooring, and a direct access driveway.

While the home itself is beautiful, the realtor said that the most important aspect to many buyers in the area today is the value of the land upon which these homes are built on.  The most sought after commodity at present is therefore apparently large lots that can be used to put up newer, more spacious homes.

At the moment, some home buyers are simply more interested in the land than in the homes themselves. If you have a piece of land that needs to be cleared for your upcoming projects, check out these tree trimming services that will shape the area as necessary by removing branches or any trees from the area you no longer want.

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