Wreck Beach Preservation Society Seeking Noise By-Law

real-estate-kitsilanoRecently, a petition was delivered to the municipal authorities asking that jet-skis and ‘party boats’ be banned from the waters surrounding Wreck Beach.  Over 2,500 signatures were acquired.

According to the petition, jet-skis and party boats are ruining the feel and enjoyment of the beach.  This notorious nudist beach, is a secluded stretch along the north of the Fraser River.

The boats and jet-skis are apparently a major source of noise pollution.  Spokesperson Judy Williams says that the party boats come in and join up together and put on amplified music.  The noise is such that one can no longer hear the sounds of nature like the seagulls and eagles.

The jet-skis are deemed a danger to swimmers and as such they are not only a source of noise pollution but also a safety hazard.  And while other beaches in the Lower mainland apparently are granted a 300 metre buffer zone between where jet-skis are given permission to go and the beach, there is no such law covering Wreck Beach.

One of the issues however is that it is not clear who in fact is responsible for the area.  The Metro Vancouver environment and parks committee chair, Heather Deal says that it is not known who is responsible for the waters around Wreck Beach.

The staff members of the organization plan on investigating the issue in order to determine what should be done, if anything.  A report is to be issued next week which will deal with the jurisdictional questions surrounding the beach.

The appeal of Wreck Beach as well as other nature rich areas is part of what makes Vancouver real estate and Kitsilano real estate especially desirable.  Noise pollution can detract a good deal from the enjoyment of these features.

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