Yard Cleanup

Vancouver Real EstateIf you haven’t already done it, it is certainly high time that the yard or balcony had a full fall cleaning.  Before Winter sets in, Vancouver real estate owners need to ensure that the outdoor area is clean and ready for that first frost.

While planting and tending to plants may be a more fulfilling outdoor chore, the fact of the matter is that preparing your outdoor garden for the coldest season is essential.  Raking leaves and composting will help make next year’s garden even more fruitful.

According to some avid gardeners, potting soil can and should be used again.  However, many experts suggest that new soil should be bought every year.

Because annuals are some of the heaviest users of nutrients, potting soil is often very nutrient depleted after a garden season.  Potting soil is often lower in these nutrients to begin with and as such, you’ll want to put the old soil on the compost.

Pots likewise need to be thoroughly washed.  Diseases may have accumulated over the season and as such a very good wash with soap and water is recommended.

Make sure to turn pots over so that they don’t collect rain water.  This is very important for ensuring they don’t expand and break during freezing weather.  You also simply don’t want buckets of water accumulating in your yard or on your balcony as this can also attract pests.

For hardy plants or roses you plan on overwintering, be sure to cut off the dead areas and to insulate containers and soil.  Fibreglass is a good choice, but whatever you use make sure there is at least a good four or five inches of insulation.

Overwintering is pots is difficult, but for best results remember to use heavy plastic or ceramic containers.  Anything plastic too thin won’t work well and neither will terra cotta pots.

If you’re not sure which plants might overwinter, you might try any plant that is still upright and upon which the flowers are still on.  A plant in this condition is worth a try, especially if it is one of your favourites.

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