False Creek South

Granville Island / False Creek South is a beautiful Vancouver neighbourhood popular for boating and other water related activities such as kayaking, canoeing, dragon boating, and so much. Since the year 1986, False Creek South has always been the venue of the annual Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival and other events as well. History False Creek South was known to be the industrial centre of Vancouver up to the 1950s. The community was also home to several sawmills and many small port operations, as well as the renowned west terminal of the Canadian railways. But as the industry discovered other areas, the scene around False Creek South began to deteriorate.

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False Creek South was the athlete village for 2010 Winter Olympics. Today, the government is continually extending its efforts to make the community a residential area that can accommodate around 16,000 people. Geographic Location False Creek South is generally considered as the south shore flats which line English Bay inlets, between the Main Street towards the east, & the Burrard Street on its west side. From the shorelines, it includes the land inward to the 4th or 2nd Avenue, bordering the Fairview slopes. It is a new residential area in the city that is built from an industrial land which previously had shipyards, sawmills and the public works yard operating in it.

The neighbourhood transformation started in the 1970s and development is still going on today. Housing Urban housing and sustainability are some of the words used to define the False Creek South area. It is a mixed residential settlement that includes clusters of upscale freehold town homes and condos as well as the social conscious apartment housing. There are still a few detached floating homes off the Granville Island that are considered as one of the city’s prized rarity. On the eastern part of False Creek South lies Olympic Village. Around 75% of the community is made up of educated and affluent adults and the rest of the 25% are made of seniors and children. This vibrant neighbourhood is home to young professionals and young families. False Creek South remains to be one of the most coveted residential areas in Vancouver.

Aside from the thrilling day treats and grocery stores provided by the Granville Island, some of False Creek South educational amenities include the False Creek Elementary school and the L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary School. There are no secondary schools located in the area but high school kids can always go to nearby communities such as the Eric Hamber, Kitsilano and Lord Byng secondary schools.

There is a convenient public transit that has a bus running along Lamey’s Mill Road. The neighbourhood is also close to the Granville Bridge Bus Station. Water taxis and aqua buses are commonly seen on its docks across the inlet of North False Creek. Shopping and Recreation The Granville Island Market is a famous attraction for locals and tourists. It is a charming urban park with a lively farmers’ market place where they sell fresh, local exotic produce. False Creek South features an exotic mix of art studios, clothing shops, pastry shops and restaurants, including the world renowned Granville Island Brewery. Its waterways are a vibrant thorough fare for yachts and luxury boats. Marinas dot the place along the strand and ends at the majestic Science world on the eastern shores of the Creek.

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