Home Staging: Is your House Prepared for a Close Up?

Even in a hot real estate market, a house may still need to have more than a newly manicured loan or a new set of fresh flowers to get the best offer. And the conventional tricks of simmering cinnamon sticks and baking cookies before the grand open house may not appeal to prospective home buyers anymore. Home staging goes beyond cleaning and decorating; it is also about illusions. Hiring the services of a home staging expert can help you enhance the décor and ambience of your home for a quicker and better sale in the market.

The Art of Home Staging

Home stagers create their magic by bringing landscape artists, painters, furniture, artwork, window treatments, fresh flowers and accessories in your home. They work their way by transforming average homes into lavish living spaces. Home stagers are slowly gaining popularity these days as more and more homeowners embrace the whole concept of displaying their houses as a commodity for sale rather than hoping that the buyers appreciating the homey look of the place.

Homes are products and if you have an item for sale, it is crucial that you merchandise it. Staged homes often sell quicker and even over the asking price. Staging your residential property before placing it in the market ensures more money at the end of the escrow.

Home staging transforms ordinary lived in spaces to fabulous show suites. It may be as simple as helping owners get rid of clutter or renting artwork that will showcase the potential of a certain living space. Today, there are home stagers who do the consult and have the homeowners do the work themselves.

The Importance of Home Staging

Even in a progressive real estate market, there are several homes that still remain unsold for weeks. Most interior designers and home stagers need five to seven days to prepare a house. In most cases, it is usually the battle of the clutter. It is crucial that you present a scenario where buyers see themselves in the home. The secret to home staging is to be dispassionate on your home. It is not your home anymore and this is the mindset that every home owner should have.

There has been no formal study on the ROI for home staging. But a research study conducted by Coldwell Banker in 1999 revealed that staged homes usually sold for five percent more compared to homes that were left un-staged. There is definitely no home that won’t benefit from proper attention. Home staging professionals have always showed promising results to homeowners.  

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