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The Westside is my Home! It’s also the home of some of the best Vancouver and Kitsilano Real Estate. To be precise, Vancouver Condos and Vancouver Homes represent some of the finest that the Westside has to offer. And it’s Vancouver Homes and Condos that I know best and where I choose to concentrate my efforts. I think of myself as a specialist in Vancouver Homes and Condos and I would enjoy sharing my knowledge with you.

When I started as a real estate professional, I knew I not only wanted to live here but work here as well. Having spent my earlier life in the suburbs, I had the good fortune to experience the Westside and it unique living qualities. The contrast for me between Vancouver Homes and Condos and Vancouver real estate in general were clear to see.

What can you find here? You can find some of the best schools and parks in the city, state-of-the-art community centers and fitness facilities, and a world-class university. Also, funky shops and restaurants, and so much more! When it comes to Vancouver real estate many of the gems are right here in Kitsilano Realtors, West side..

More importantly, the West side is a place where everyone can feel at home. Kids can walk to school. Families can enjoy a day at the beach or an afternoon at the park. Couples can go out for a romantic dinner. Empty nesters can go for a nature hike or visit the grandkids, all without having to leave the neighborhood.

Whether your definition of family includes a spouse, a child, a pet, or all of the above, the Westside is a great place to build a home. It's an excellent place to do what you want to do, be who you want to be, and live the way you want to live.

I know because it has been all of that and more for me.

Perhaps you have a house for sale in Vancouver or other Properties for Sale in Kitsilano and you’re looking at the Westside as your next home. Your house/properties for sale in Vancouver and Kitsilano provides you with more than a financial head start, it puts you in an excellent position to trade up and possibly keep your costs at their current level. I can help you put the facts together so that you and yours will be a position to make an informed decision. Please call and let’s get the conversation started.

See you at the beach,

Kevin Frank

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