Marinaside (False Creek North): A Unique and One of A Kind Vancouver Community

False Creek North is situated along the northern shores of False Creek, from Burrard Bridge to the Downtown Vancouver’s Main Street. It includes the land forming the eastern area of False Creek. False Creek North separates downtown area from the rest of the metropolis. The neighbourhood was named by George Richards in a hydrographic survey conducted from 1856 to 1863. Today, False Creek is considered as one the country’s biggest urban redevelopment sites, offering locals and tourists an extra special urban experience. In its history, False Creek has been described as a ‘filthy ditch in the middle of the city’. Up to the year 1968, False Creek was an industrial location. Some people expected that it would be filled in to make way for other industries. This type of thinking paved the way for what the entire False Creek neighbourhood represents today. The revolution in ecology and thinking has restored the community’s natural beauty.

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The entire False Creek basin is actually a part of the Burnaby Lake- False Creek trough which extends from the English Bay through Burnaby going to the Fraser River. False Creek is a sort of inlet dividing the downtown core of the city from Fairview Slopes, a big residential area. The town remained undetected by early explorers in the name of Captain Don Galliano and Captain George Vancouver in the year 1972.

It was then discovered in 1859 by Captain George Richards, while surveying the city coast. Richards tagged the waterway as ‘False Creek’, because he initially thought it was a creek rather than being an inlet. The first bridge that crossed False Creek opened in 1872 (where the main street is located today), before the reclamation of the eastern part of the area in 1918. An extensive landfill operation reduced the area by about two thirds of its original size and made way for the creation of the Canadian National Railway Passenger Station.

Schools and Transportation

False Creek North is the home of the Elsie Roy Elementary School, a publicly owned learning institution. There are also private institutions in nearby neighbourhoods like False Creek South and Fairview. False Creek Ferries and Aquabus are the two major ferry companies that run daily services to and from False Creek.


Because of its superb waterfront location, False Creek North has always been a popular option among many homebuyers. Commanding beautiful water and mountain views and with a close proximity to the shopping centers of Granville Island, False Creek North homes brings you closer to everything you will need. As the heart of Vancouver’s inlet, False Creek North features low rise condo developments perfect for many young couples and families.

Shopping and Entertainment

False Creek North is a bustling neighbourhood, home to the famous Granville Island, a famous tourist attraction flocked with hundreds of local stores and couture shops. It is also home to many seabirds like geese, owls, ducks, herons, cormorants and kingfishers. And to its credit, Vancouver attempts to recreate the community’s natural shorelines.

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