Preparing your Home for a Sale: 6 Staging Tips to Love

Staging isn’t a magic wand, but a key to making your property stand out amidst the competition.

First impressions always count- this doesn’t only apply to social attraction but when selling or buying a house as well. A lot of home buyers already develop a certain ‘feel’ to a home during the initial minutes of entering its premises. First impressions are vital to a quick property sale. Here are six easy home staging tips to help you sell your home in the market and optimize returns.

Ensure efficient and proper lighting. Appropriate lighting is essential to each room in the house. When staging a home, make sure you turn on the lights inside the house to show off the prestigious lighting. Daylight bulbs are recommended.

Clean and tidy up all reflective surfaces. Make sure you clean windows thoroughly inside and out. Inspect reflective surfaces in the house to reflect some extra light. Don’t forget to clean glass countertops, surfaces, refrigerators and countertops. They key is to make these surfaces gleam, shine and reflect light.

Try to go for the curb appeal. Make sure you go beyond the traditional planting flowers and trimming the grass. Try to think of a ‘drive by’ appeal. Check your front door, purchase a brand new mat and make your house number standout from the street.

Don’t miss out the small details. Check your home for any minor flaws and repairs. Pay close attention even to the tiniest details. They are usually the ones which detract a home’s equity. Repair any chipped paint, driveway cracks and dripping faucets.

Make sure it all shows well. Before even staging a home, ensure that all its selling features have already been addressed. Make sure you pay close attention to sight lines, traffic patterns and focal points.

Keep all your family photos. Pack away family photos and items that are smaller than your fist. Closets need your attention as well. Keep around two thirds of your clothing, towels, and bed linens.

Renovating and fixing your home before selling assures you of a big return. Complete a home staging even before the marketing begins. It is harder to increase a property’s list price when it has been placed in the market. Consult with a professional home stager for the best results.

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