How to buy a home: what to do (and when to do it)

Buying a new home and preparing for a move can be demanding. It's easy to forget something, or do something at the wrong time. Hopefully, this purchase checklist and planning schedule will help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Arrange financing with your bank

When you are considering the purchase of a home or condo, I recommend that you contact your financial institution first to discuss financing needs. This will help you to determine the price range of your purchase and your comfort level of your monthly expenditures. If you are considering working with a mortgage broker, I would be happy to provide you with a list of options.

Decisions influencing where to purchase

If you have children, or plan to have some soon, think about your neighbourhood facilities, such as schools, daycare and recreational amenities. Use my handy community planner to find out what is available and their locations. You don't want to be disappointed not finding the appropriate schools and other services, which may become such an important part of your life.
If you do not have or plan to have children, consider the life style you wish to enjoy. Check my community map for activities, i.e. recreation, sports, health, restaurants, entertainment venues and lots more.


Be sure to plan the timing of your move by considering changing to a new school, when you can realistically move from your current home and when your financial requirements are in place.



With the excitement of moving into your new home, some important details can easily be missed. Here is a short list of important items to consider:

  • Go through all your personal possessions and make a list of what you really want to keep and those items that you would pass on to others or dispose of, i.e. donations, garage sales etc.
  • Identify furniture, including special items, such as a piano, and other personal effects you wish to take to your new home. If you require a moving company, contact several weeks in advance for quotations by providing a list of items and approximate quantities of boxes to be moved and/or packed.
  • Should you have the good fortune of a handful of strong and reliable friends helping you to move, make these arrangements early! Remember, most people plan major activities well in advance and you want to reserve a moving van or truck in plenty of time.
  • Most people move at the end of the month when moving companies are much harder to get and are most expensive and truck rentals are at a premium! Plan early!

Other important things to remember:

  • Pass on your change of address to family members, friends, acquaintances, financial institutions and make the official change of address at the Post Office and take advantage of their services.
  • Contact your Health Services/Insurances, Credit Card companies, Hydro, Gas provider, and change your address on your Drivers License and Automobile Insurance.
  • Contact your Insurance Agent covering your current home and content well in advance of your move. Provide relevant changes to your needed coverage.
  • Telephone/Internet/Cable: Find out, if you can retain your current telephone number, if you so wish. Contact your telephone/internet/cable provider(s) weeks in advance of your move. Give consideration to other reputable competitors. You may be able to negotiate a new package that may include your home telephone, mobile phone, Hi-Speed Internet and television cable services. Consider your additional needs carefully. You may want to add some extra lines for telephone, internet or cable.

Set a date for a house warming party (...and tell them what you are still short of!)


Need Help? Follow Our Search Tips...

You can search by city and/or neighborhood, street name, number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms, square feet or cost per square feet. When searching by numbered streets ensure that st , or th, or ave is entered. Below are a few search examples:

  • - Kitsilano 2 bedroom Condos under $800,000
  • - Yaletown $1,000,000 to $1,500,000
  • - Downtown 2 Bedrooms
  • - MLS #
  • - By Price (i.e. $300,000 )
  • - By Square Footage (ie. 2000 sf to 3000 sf)