Top 10 Ways on How to Make your Home Sell Faster

In this current economy, houses rent selling like the way they used to. The declining real estate market presents homeowners a scene where supply outstrips demands, and where people are forced to sell their houses at the lowest price to get rid of them fast. But there are several ways to enhance your home’s attractiveness aside from reducing its price. If you are thinking about selling your home in this cooling market, here are ten tips that will make the sale easier and smoother.

Choose the right real estate broker.

There are several ways for you to find the right broker. Personal recommendations from friends, relatives and family members are the best way to do it. Find a realtor who is willing to perform a market evaluation and action plan on how to market your house. See the comparables that were used in the evaluation. Choose a realtor whose plans and comparables makes the greatest sense to you. You want a realtor who has that drive and enthusiasm, someone who gives keen attention to your need and steers you through the entire process with professionalism and courtesy.

Get listed.

Make sure you have your home listed in the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. The more exposure it gets, the faster it sells. Include the property in your agent’s open house.

Price it right.

Regardless of how awesome you have staged or renovated your house, it is crucial that you price it reasonably and appropriately. Check with a local real estate agent, read the papers, or go online to see the price range of comparable homes in your neighborhood. It is not imperative that you price your home as the lowest property in the block, especially when renovations and aesthetics have been done. Make sure that your listing price is comparable with other homes in your neighborhood. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about a fair price. Ask neighbors, friends and relatives to tour your house and weigh in.

Develop a ‘feature and benefit’ list.

List all the good points and benefits that your home and neighborhood enjoys. Make a ‘Pick Up’ box and add the ‘For Sale’ sign with it. Just like an open top container filled with the good feature sheets for people to pick up.

Stage it!

If you have extra resources, hire a professional to help you stage your home. Stand in your doorway and determine the focal point for every room. As soon as you spot that, utilize furniture placement to highlight the area. The sofa should not block the view of your fireplace. Remove extra pieces of furniture or reposition them in other rooms.

Get rid of the clutter.

Remove clutter inside your house before showing it to potential buyers. Make the rooms appear bigger by removing unnecessary furniture. Try to depersonalize by removing personal items, family photos and portraits inside the house. Try to go with neutral colors. Themed rooms and extreme colors may scare off prospects.

Maximize your home’s curb appeal.

Fix your home with a ‘resale’ possibility in mind. The initial thing that buyers see is your home’s external appearance and how it fits to the neighborhood. Improve your exterior with a fresh coat of paint and make sure that the lawn is manicured. The entrance should be warm and welcoming.

Dump the junk.

A bright place is a happy place. Clean closets, stairways, and the basement area. If you have a lot of indispensable stuff piled up in the garage, store it off site especially during the selling period.

Sell all the sizzle.

Rather than constructing a room in the basement, try painting the basement floor of lines as to where the bath and bedroom can go. Let the home buyer’s imagination come up with the rest. Add extra lights along the way, place brass home numbers and get rid of garden gnomes.

Tag a note on the for sale sign. Call this phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx for a taped message of the price and features. This answering machine ad will list all the features before giving a price. People who leave their name and number will also have reason to do so. Mail them with interior photos of the house or arrange for a private showing.

Be with it.

Ask your realtor to post the property on Craigslist or ask your agent to do it. The site is one of the most popular bulletin board and online classifieds site in the planet. Advertise online. People go to Google these days when searching for products and services. Make sure homebuyers are able to find your house online. 

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