UBC Endowment Lands

Where Nature and Metro Life Meet 

Administered jointly by the province and the University of British Columbia, the endowment lands are a nature-lovers delight. With the 763-hectare Pacific Spirit Park as your backyard, the endowment lands are the perfect home for anyone who loves to hike, jog, ride, or simply walk the dog.

 The University Endowment Lands or UEL is an unincorporated region that lies between the Vancouver city and the University of British Columbia. It is also the home of the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It is important to note that the UEL doesn’t include the UBC or the private housing inside the university grounds. The UEL housing is a partnership between the University Neighborhoods Association and the University of British Columbia. The UEL is currently part of the Metro Vancouver Area.  

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The UEL was initially proposed after the passing of University Endowment Act of 1907, where the BC government agreed to allot two million acres of land to be sold or leased to fund the making of the UBC. The Caribo land didn’t have enough value to generate the university’s income and so the proposal was abandoned. By the middle of 1950s, over fifty percent of the undeveloped land in the area remained untouched because of the Great Depression and war shortages in the previous decade.There have been attempts to develop the land but opposed by many environmentalist in the area.

Geographic Location

The UEL is a busy strip of properties between the UBC and the western part of the Point Grey Peninsula. The natural reserves is of the Pacific Spirit Park is located within its territory. The UEL covers around 14 kilometers of prime land. The UBC campus has its own private housing. Covered with tree lined streets and green forest, the UEL gets more snowfall and wind than in any part of the city.


In contrast to the ever changing and increasing residents of the student housing facilities, the total population of the University Endowment Lands is small; only about 8,000 individuals including their respective families. Upscale and luxurious homes are spaced along its avenues, boulevards and streets. There are plenty of houses which boast spectacular view of the bay to the northwest. Most of the residents enjoy the many educational and recreational facilities of the UBC. UEL residents are culturally diverse and high paid professionals who love the urban facilities of UBC, set with the rural surroundings provided by the Pacific Spirit Park.

School and Transportation

The city’s transit system makes it easy for UEL residents to reach different areas of the city. The Pacific Spirit Park at the eastern side of the neighborhood creates a buffer between UBC and the adjacent communities of Dunbar and West Point Grey. And because of this, there are five roads from Vancouver going to the UEL namely the South West Marine Drive, 16th Avenue, North West Marine Drive, 4th Avenue and the University Boulevard.

Shopping and Recreation

The university itself attracts a population of 40,000 students, staff and faculty. Most of the university facilities are also open to residents in the area such as the Thunderbird Stadium, Nitobi Gardens, sauna and fitness centers, and the Chan Center for Arts. The UEL is the only area where you can find a nude beach in Vancouver where guests relax unseen on the sandy beach below a steep cliff in the Pacific Park.

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