Is your Home Ready for the Sale Checklist?

Are you ready to sell your home? Move your residential property fast and with the best selling price with home staging tricks. For you to get the best return for your home, you need to make sure that will look at its best. Here is a handy checklist that you need to accomplish before inviting home buyers in for a showing.

Walls & Ceilings

Is it free from fingerprints, dirt and other stains?
Are there chips, cracks and other signs of water damage?
Does it a new wallpaper or repainting job?
Is it free from thumb crack holes and tape residue? Are there light and neutral colors for a roomy environment?

Floor coverings

Does it have stains or dirt?
Are the area rugs stain free?
Stains or dirt?
Do they need new paintwork?
Do they open and close easily without squeaking? Are there dirt, stains or fingerprints?

Window Coverings

Does it have excessive sun damage or appear worn out?
Any stains and dirt?
Are the drapes and blinds working properly?


Are they any broken switches or exposed wiring?
Are the table and floor lamps working appropriately?


Do they open or close easily?
Are the glass clean, sparkling and crack free?
Are the windows free from fingerprints and dirt?
Are the screens clean and without holes?
Are the locks, handles and latches working properly?
Are the storm windows in great condition?

Pet Area

Is it clean and odor-free?

Closets and Other Storage

Are they organized and clean?
Are the clothes hung neatly in the closet?
Excess junk and clutter removed?
Footwear neatly stacked and stored?

Hallways & Entryways

Are the mats clean and inviting?
Are the hallways free from clutter and other obstructions?


Are the countertops organized?
Are all the surfaces sparkling clean?
Is the refrigerator clean inside and out? Have you removed all the frost? Are the light bulbs working?
Are the burner trays clean?
Is the dishwasher clean and spot free?
Are the cupboards organized and spotless?
Is the sink clean, the faucet working and leak free?

Dining Room, Bedrooms, Den, Living Rooms and Study

Have you removed all excess furniture?
Is the driveway clean and in good condition?
Are smaller valuables locked away or removed?
Are wood surfaces polished?
Is the fireplace clean and the logs neatly stacked?
Are the bookshelves neat, clean and organized?
Are the mirrors clean and damage-free?
Are window coverings readily open for sunlight and views?
Toys stored safely and neatly?
Have you kept the ashtrays out of sight?

Furnace room, Garage, Basement and Attic Storeroom

Are the rooms clean and well organized?
Is everything dusted and vacuumed?
Has all the clutter and junk been removed?

Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Are the shower and tub surfaces clean?
Are the countertops free of clutter and organized?
Are the sinks clean and faucets working appropriately?
Are the towels hanging freely and stain free?
Is the toilet working properly?
Is the medicine cabinet organized? Are the personal items removed?

Outside the Home - Structures

Is the driveway clean?
Are the walkways and sidewalks in good condition?
Do the fences and gates open or close properly?
Are the exteriors clean?
Are the downspouts and eaves troughs clean?

Outside the Home - Yards and Environment

Are the sidewalks and driveways clear of ice and snow?
Are the hedges trimmed and the trees pruned?
Is the lawn furniture organized, clean and in good condition?
Is the yard free of dog deposits?
Are the leaves removed from flower beds and lawns?
Are the flower beds tidy and weeded?

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